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Korean Boy Group SHINee Takes Singapore by Storm, Thousands of Fans Welcomes Them at Airport

Korea’s popular boy group SHINee arrived in Singapore 2 nights ago, with thousands of fans welcoming them at the airport, their level of sensation is higher than that of Lee Minho!

SHINee has been invited to our country to participate in the《Oh Joonsung Drama Concert – Music from Korean Drama Favourites》Concert, and has arrived in Singapore 2 nights ago, along with renowned Korean composer Oh Joosung, as well as 2 other performers, Bobby Kim and Mario.

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i’m back from the fanmeeting! YESH, we actually woke up at like 2.30AM and went there about 3.15AM. reached there like about 3.51AM? yesh. and we’re like panicking where to take the queue number, where where where?!!! they told us to sit down and wait for out turn so we waited for about 3hours? we even have ‘argument’ with the other fans coz they’re like cutting queues but whatever!! that queue number was not even VALID!

we actually thought that i was so going to get in already coz i was like the #884! i’m like okay i have secured the place. after about like 9-10AM they let us sit 5 in a row and we’re like okay! MIDDLE IS GONNA BE JONGHYUN!!!!! so we’re like so excited but i actually gotten the 2nd to the left. but i was thinking well, better than none!! but after while, everything became so chaotic! all the fans without the queue number started to join our queue and EVERYBODY WAS PRACTICALLY PUSHING EACH OTHER! i was actually talking to kelly and all when fusang told me that since we have the queue number we can actually just join the front queue. so we kinda cut the queue and started lining up but we kind thought that we didn’t! COZ WE HAVE THE NUMBER YOU SEE!! the fact is that everyone can go in, even those without queue number! LIKE WTF! we’ve waited from like 4AM, some of them who just came get to go in too! was like so upset but kinda forget about it since i am getting their signature anyway

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hihihi, no comment with this photo , you look cute, onyu !

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