C.N. Blue is making history with Bluetory.  They are the first ever rookie band to win Music Bank’s K-chart with their debut song. Not only that, they won it just two weeks (and 1 day) after their debut of the song “I’m a Loner.”  Their point total of 11, 956 was more than the points garnered by their competitors, Jo KwonGa In’s “We Fell in Love” (which won the past 2 weeks) and T-ARA’s “Bo Peep, Bo Peep”, combined (6,025+5,897=11,922).

Check out the vids of their performance and win here.

Some critics of the band have said that they are undeserving of all the attention and that it’s just because of leader Jung Yong Hwa’s popularity from You’re Beautiful.  I say that no matter how popular Yong Hwa was, if the music sucked they would’ve tanked.  I’ve seen a lot of rookie bands who were good not get any attention because they didn’t have the hype, so what’s wrong with C.N. Blue capitalizing on Yong Hwa’s popularity from his debut as an actor.  At least they’re living up to the hype, I can’t wait to hear what’s next from the boys of Blue.

credit: Newsen, SB