OMFG! I’M SUPER HIGH!!! i saw SHINee like 2 hours ago! i can still feel the hype!! i was walking @ orchard for about 3-4 hours. Had our dinner and decided to head to the airport! SMS-ed Donwei and she replied that the airport was super crowded. fusang reached first and said so too. By 8PM we reached changi airport and ran like crazy downstairs thinking that they’re here already! judging by the shouts and screams heard.

oh oh oh! there’s this photographer guy. he didn’t know who shinee was! he’s like ‘is it this one?’ *points* kkk~ he get to stand inside the barricade! like how lucky is that? he doesn’t even know who the heck is SHINee!

okay, back to the topic. coz we came abit later we was like quite far from the barricade but i managed to squeeze till like second row? after tons of false alarm ; shouting, ponting, camera blitz and all. AT LAST SHINee CAME OUT! it was total mess. my eardrums were like gonna bursting soon lol. all the fangirls screams & shouts were totally loud.

TAEMIN was the one who came out first! he was so close to me! LIKE LESSER THAN 1METRE! LIKE OMG, right? he was so cute smiling so widely like he’s super excited =D I kinda saw JONGHYUN for like 0.11111 milliseconds! it was so fast! i remember seeing his super cool hair XD~ i think i get to see MINHO too. but i can’t remember it very well. KEY was wearing a hood and didn’t take them off so i didn’t get to see his face. thinking that he was just some random guy walking with them lol. ONEW LEADER was the last to come out! HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO ACTUALLY BOTHERS TO STROLL SO THAT WE CAN TAKE MORE PICTURE. if i’m not wrong, i kinda see him covering his ears due to the excessive shouting lol. ONEW looks totally different! he was like smiling and all but he looks so pale! super fair, no wonder he is called dubu! onew look the most civilian-like to me lol…

my left foot is hurting like crazy now! due to the over tiptoe-ing. can’t walk properly T.T  but it’s totally worth it. unlike the ytd ftisland’s arrival! I DIDN’T GET TO SEE SEUNGHYUN, JONGHUN, HONGKI AT ALL ;____;  was so disappointed that we actually consider not going to the airport today to catch SHINee! luckily we didn’t =D  I CAN LIKE SLEEP HAPPILY NAOOOOOO XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD~


Credit : jen @ tumblr