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29th Jan: Arrival at airport

Time of Departure: Seoul (Incheon Intl) at 3.10pm

Time of Arrival: 8.05pm~8.45pm [Subjected to change again for Arrival Timing]

Flight Number: OZ753 (Asiana Airline) [Slight Change in Arrival Terminal]

Location: Changi International Airport, Terminal 2 (All other artistes performing for the concert on 1st&2nd feb will be on the same flight as well)

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Okay, I’m sure there has been a lot of questions and uncertainties about the Fan Sign rules and regulations, and

here are some questions that we CONFIRMED to have answers to:


  • After the first 1000 albums are sold, you can still buy the album, but you are UNABLE to get SHINee’s autograph.


  • Number queues will be given out to the person who is queuing, ONCE THE ALBUM STARTS SELLING, at 9.30am. Once it reaches the 1000th queue number, NO MORE passes, NO MORE entry will be given for a chance of autographing.


– The queue for purchasing the album and queue for signing is different,

– Those WITHOUT albums will still be allowed entry to see SHINee during the Fan Sign, just that you will have no autograph signed by SHINee.

please queue to PURCHASE ALBUM FIRST, before approaching the queue for the SIGNING!

Purchase an album BEFORE the 1000TH PERSON = 1 album = 1 pass = 1 Q no. = 1 member’s signature.

Q: Do I need to purchase another album if I’ve already got one?
A: Yes, you need to. The album that is selling on the 31st, 9:30AM at the Roof Garden comes with a pass which is the entry for the fansign.

  • Selling of albums will be AT LOT ONE ROOF GARDEN LEVEL 5 (outside the Roof Garden)

Note: the album on sale will most definitely be “Y.O.U”. No other kinds of album will be allowed for entry and signature.

Q: How long is the fansign and how many people will get to sign?
A: The fansign will be 2 hours, 1.30pm-3.30pm. Only the first 1000 will get to sign their albums.

* The pass that comes along with the album is allocated to one member.
Thus, it depends on your luck on who you will get the signature from.


  • Purchase an album = One ticket/pass to enter the fansign + One of SHNee’s members’ autograph (you cannot choose who can you get signature with, by pure luck and random)

** The price for the album should be around 20-25. To be confirmed.

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SHINee will be having a fansign in SG!!!

SHINee 2009 Y.O.U. autograph session

31st January 2010

Chua Chu Kang MRT(Lot 1 Roof Garden)

1.30 pm – 3.30 pm

You’ll need to purchase the album that will be on sale on the 31st to get a signature, (cost shall be reconfirmed later)

Credit : ShineeSG