Hmmm,in my opinion,JongHyun is DAMM shuai(handsome) in real life,SerKiat also agrees.Taemin was acting like some gu niang,doing a “tranny pose” with his passport.Key was the greatest dissapointment as he used his hood on his jacket and his passport to cover his face….WTF…waste people’s time la.SerKiat was really dissapointed by Key’s spastic behaviour.We didn’t manage to seeMinho and Onew…but well,doesn’t really matter anyway….=D

Just look at the freaking crowd.And the ratio of girls to guys was like….


It was said that their plane would arrive at 8.15-8.45,but after many false alarms(thanks to the xiaomeimeis who cheered for no reason),SHINEE finally appeared at 10pm.HOLY SHIT!

Well,had a little glimpse of them,just that precious minute….

…and the next thing I knew,all the fans were running out of the airport,with many xiaomeimeis hiring vans to stalk SHINee to their hotel…OMG…lol

As you can see from the pictures above,there is this big white bus.Thats the bus where the korean stars,which include SHINee,boarded as it would then transport them to their hotel.

Okay,so after seeing SHINee in real life,many would be asking….”how they look like?” lol

Credit : minidodo @ bs

airport pict : minidodo

jonghyun’s pict : kokokoreano