i’m back from the fanmeeting! YESH, we actually woke up at like 2.30AM and went there about 3.15AM. reached there like about 3.51AM? yesh. and we’re like panicking where to take the queue number, where where where?!!! they told us to sit down and wait for out turn so we waited for about 3hours? we even have ‘argument’ with the other fans coz they’re like cutting queues but whatever!! that queue number was not even VALID!

we actually thought that i was so going to get in already coz i was like the #884! i’m like okay i have secured the place. after about like 9-10AM they let us sit 5 in a row and we’re like okay! MIDDLE IS GONNA BE JONGHYUN!!!!! so we’re like so excited but i actually gotten the 2nd to the left. but i was thinking well, better than none!! but after while, everything became so chaotic! all the fans without the queue number started to join our queue and EVERYBODY WAS PRACTICALLY PUSHING EACH OTHER! i was actually talking to kelly and all when fusang told me that since we have the queue number we can actually just join the front queue. so we kinda cut the queue and started lining up but we kind thought that we didn’t! COZ WE HAVE THE NUMBER YOU SEE!! the fact is that everyone can go in, even those without queue number! LIKE WTF! we’ve waited from like 4AM, some of them who just came get to go in too! was like so upset but kinda forget about it since i am getting their signature anyway

after like lining up @ the stairs we actually reached the LOT1 lvl 5 and they sold THE ALBUM @ FREAKING $60!! IT’S NOT EVEN KOREAN VERSION? it’s like papers! no hardcover and all!! jeez. well, they gave us posters and a paper to scratch and you’ll know who you’re getting for the signature! I GOT MINHO AT FIRST, i was like -_-;; but suddenly a girl was like staring and me and i ask her ‘WHO DID YOU GET?’ she’s like ‘I HAVE JONGHYUN & I WANT MINHO!!!’ i was like OMFG! LET’S TRADEEEE! so we traded! THANKYOUSOMUCHHHHHHH =DDDDDDDDDD~  i was like jumping and shouting like crazy when i’ve gotten jonghyun’s XDDDD~ LIKE SERIOUSLY JONGHYUNN BB 8D~ and btw, they replayed Y.O.U album looping it again and again. i kinda like all the song in the album right now =DD~

the organizer told us that shinee is coming in a bit. since it’s still like 12+. We waited for 1hour++ spazzing about all the korean stars and all. 15mins before SHINee came. the mc was like buying more time by asking us to shout their names and all. but she got jonghyun’s name wrong ;___;  she’s like chonghun? jonhyun? idk it just sounds so wrong even when she repeated it for like more than 5 times. at that point of time my voice was kinda like shaky already. she told us that this is one of the record breaking fansign because she’ve never seen so many ppl in chuacukang before. even in all the carparks you can see shawols EVERYWHERE! i was like so glad i’m one of the 1000 XDDD~

so at last, she ask us to shout for SHINee to come out after explaining the rules over and over again. when SHINee came out it was like ‘BAM’ *inserts all the fangirls screaming and shouting* I WAS SHOUTING LIKE CRAZY TOO! since we’re quite behind. i didn’t get to see too clearly. i saw then through camera, but jonghyun was so short. i can’t see him even when i tiptoe =P  i can see all the rest but i have to jump to see him kkk~ the order was like ONEW-TAEMIN-JONGHYUN-MINHO-KEY!! the mcs asked them about what is their ideal girls? or sth like that? can’t remember very well coz i was like shouting like mad! SERIOUSLY HEARING THEIR VOICE LIVE IS SO OVERWHELMING =DD~

the fansign actually starts right away after the very very short interview. we was like queueing up. and i get to see MINHO at all angles. seriously! BUT WHY MINHO T-T i was like jumping like crazy to catch a glimpse of taemin and onew but i can’t i get to see jonghyun and key during the back queue tho. only for like a few sec~ fyi, their seating position is like everyone in seperate table.


FINALLY WE’RE LIKE INSIDE THE ACTUAL QUEUE WHERE THEY SEPARATE EVERYONE TO THEIR RESPECTIVE SHINee MEMBERS!! I SAW KEY! HIS HAIR IS LIKE ALKSJFSYTOWIJSLJLASJ SO FREAKING AWESOMEEEEEE! HIS SMILEEEE =DDD i actualy can see key more coz he was like on my right view and jonghyun was like right in front with all the other fans blocking my view! after screaming and shouting like keykeykey lol. IT WAS MY TURN TO LET JONGHYUN SIGN MY ALBUM! I WAS LIKE SO FREAKING NERVOUS!! i was likeeee planning to say ‘your hair is really cool’ but i said ‘i really like your hair’ instead! SO EMBARRASSING!!!!! i can’t think straight at that point of time! HE WAS SOOOOOOOO CLOSE TO MEEEE!!! i didn’t even get to say that ‘baby yoogeun is soooo cute’!! he was like smiling and he signed my album. his smile is kinda awkward tho ;______________; HOW I WISH I COULD GET A HANDSHAKEEEEEE!!!  i was like so unwilling to leave so i walk abit slowly towards the exit. i actually shouted ‘ONEWWWW!’ when i walk pass onew. i think he raised his head up lol. i know i’, not supposed to do that but i can’t help it! I WAS TOO HYPER XDD~ imagine SHINee actually in front of you!!!!! i was like wanna stay to take onew and taemin’s pic but the security shoo me out to the exit. T—-T  well, i was still kinda dumbfounded and once i met ju i was like ‘OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’ i practically shouted for > 100x coz i kept on replaying JONGHYUN image in front of me! IT WAS SO FREAKING CLOSEE!!!! I SERIOUSLY LOVE HIS HAIR! THE COLOUR AND ALL!! IT WAS TOO OSMOSMOSMOSMOSM XDDDDD~ i got no picture of him tho. well there is but not very close TT~ and QIANQIAN actually gotten my pic when i was asking sign from JONGHYUN. well you can only see my hair sticking out haha! but well, whatever~! she told me that i look super different and i was very shy! LIKE HOW COULD I NOT? my face was practically burningggggggggggg! PLEASE SEND ME THE PIC ;____;

JONGHYUN SIGGY! but he signed it with black dark marker! it looks kinda ugly but IT’S AUTHENTIC PPL WOOTS! DIRECTLY FROM SHINee’S JONGHYUN! HE TOUCHED THAT ALBUMMMM XD~  i’ve gotten some shot of other member’s siggy too (: will post it in awhile!!

I CAN’T EVEN SLEEP NOW ;___________;

ps ; i bet i’ll fail the history test tmr! coz i’ll be like thinking of jonghyun faceeeeeeeeeeeeee always! CANNOT CONCENTRATE ON LESSON ANYMORE!

credit : jen @tmblr