Music Core went AWOL last week but they didn’t return empty handed. MBC comes bearing gifts as they bring out our favorite idol groups and take them back to their debut days in this special segment called “Back to the Debut.”

The nine girls of SNSD gave the fans a dose of nostalgia as they performed their debut song Into The New World. It’s almost hard to believe that it’s been 3 years since their debut and that these cute and magical girls have now become one of the hottest and sexiest female idol groups on the k-pop scene!

Even though they said goodbye last month, 2PM just can’t seem to stay off the stage. The boys worked it on stage as they performed their 2008 debut song 10 out of 10. And they topped it off with a little bit of Again & Again, again.

To celebrate their special 200th episode, MBC patched things up with YG Entertainment and got 2NE1 to appear for the first time ever on Music Core. The girls performed their debut song Fire and their follow up hit I Don’t Care. There’s nothing like reminiscing about the past than with vertigo and carpal tunnel as you bob your head and swag your finger along with the fire as you work it like you just don’t care.

Another group that’s gone on break is SHINee as they spent most of their time filming for Hello Baby season 2 . As much as we love the little tiger, fans can’t help but be a bit selfish and steal the boys for awhile to watch them perform their 2008 hit debut Noona is so pretty (Replay). SHINee then topped it off with some Ring, Dinging and Donging.

Credit : Allkpop