SHINee’s leader Onew will join the list of idols-turned-musical-stars with his lead role of Joo-Bong in Brothers Were Brave from April 1st to June 20th in Coex Theaters.

The musical, which was first opened in 2008, was critically acclaimed. It was based on two brothers that never got along, who went back to their hometown to find a hefty fortune in their father’s will. The two grow closer during their adventure. The younger sibling, which will be played by Onew, feels like he got the short end of the stick. He has a bit of a temper, but is a highly educated man, having graduated from Seoul University, known to be Korea’s best university. During their adventure, the two set their differences aside and eventually develop a strong brotherly relationship with one another.

In his first musical, Onew will also be partaking in a kiss scene, surprising many people, but building even more anticipation.

The production staff said, “Onew is doing a musical for the first time. Jessica ofSNSD was very successful with Legally Blonde even though it was her first time as well. These days, the idols are very good in the fields of singing and dancing. Not only that, they try very hard at everything they do so I think he will do great.”

SM Entertainment, Onew’s company, said, “After he got cast for this musical, he started practicing his singing, dancing and acting. He is working hard to bring a nice performance on stage.”

Are you guys excited for the kiss scene musical?

Credit : Allkpop