SHINee’s leader Onew showed off the true power of musical ticket sales.

Remember when we received news that this smart idol will be debuting as an actor through the musical Brothers Were Brave? Well, when tickets for this highly anticipated musical went on sale later this afternoon, all three dates, which totaled to 2,400 seats/tickets, were sold out in about 2 minutes.

After Onew was casted in this musical, SHINee fans passionately visited various online blogs that analyzed which seats in the Coex theatre would be best to enjoy the musical. In addition, there have been many talks about a kissing scene in the play, which have made this musical a hot issue.

Meanwhile, Onew plans to concentrate on SHINee’s Asia promotions; in early March, he will then begin practicing for the musical.

Indonesia :

SHINee Onew yang akan debut sebagai aktor di musikal ‘Brothers were Brave’ ini tiket nya dijual pada 25 Januar, jam 2 siang waktu korea, dengan total 3 kali batch (1 batch = 800 kursi) penjualan dalam waktu 2 menit tiket yang berjumlah 2400 kursi ini terjual habis.

setelah memilih SHINee Onew sebagai salah satu pemeran musikal ini, dan diberitakan Onew akan melakukan adegan kiss dalam musikal ini, Onew menjadi topik hangat di antara fans SHINee. Staf mengatakan bahwa mereka kaget dengan antusias fans untuk menonton musikal ini.

Credit : Allkpop ; Koreanindo