Well, we’ve got the official verdict on Jaebum and 2PM and we all haven’t perished in a pit of hellfire, so that’s good. But that doesn’t mean that Hottest and other netizens are happy about this news.

In fact many are outright rejecting this official announcementment as a falsehood. They are referencing the other member’s frequent references to Jaebom as their ‘hyung’ as proof that the contract could not have terminated as early as January 6th.

And there has been more fallout to speak of:

http://cafe.daum.net/2PM has reprtedly lost 45,000 members in 4 hours.
Taecyeon has closed his cyworld and Junsu has closed  his photo comment box.

Fans have also gathered outside the JYP office building in Seoul CheongDamDong to protest, having a assembled a scant few hours after the announcement.

All this, and JYPE is still scheduled to hol the fan conference on February 27th. Those are some brave people.

Credit: Newsen, TV REPORT (SOURCE), hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY.COM (TRANS)

Credit : SB