SNSD’s “Black Soshi” concept has remained a mystery for the past few weeks, but it’s been announced that the nine girls have completed filming for their upcoming follow-up track!

We aren’t going to reveal any details, but we will finally reveal our sexy side,” the girls promised in an interview on the 28th.

In case you don’t remember, SNSD’s Oh! music video ended on a shocking note when the nine SNSD cheerleaders confronted nine sexier, punkish versions of themselves. It was later confirmed that this “Black Soshi” concept would be the girls’ follow-up concept after their peppy Oh! cheerleader image.

For Oh!, we cheered for the oppas, but for our new concept, we will be on the unnies’ side,” SNSD revealed. “We’ve finished shooting the music video. Please anticipate it.

In response to the strong competition from fellow girl groups like KARA and T-ara, the girls said, “We’re glad to see so many girl groups returning with great performances. We’re excited about getting to share the stage with others.” Glad to see that there don’t seem to be any bitter feelings!

Meanwhile, SNSD held their first Asia tour Into the New World encore concert today in Seoul, and will be moving on to Shanghai, China in April and Bangkok, Thailand in May.

Credit: Allkpop