BoA will return to Korea after a five year absence from her home country. This year’s August 25th will mark a ten year anniversary for BoA. Yes, it has been ten years since this singer debuted. Surprisingly, it’s been five years since she’s been in Korea. Which means she’s spent half her career in Japan.

The last Korean song she promoted was Girls On Top and now as a ten year anniversary celebration, she is returning. At the moment, she is on tour for her album Identity, but after the end of this tour, she will start to prepare for her Korean comeback.

SM Entertainment said on March 1st, “2010 means a lot because it marks BoA’s ten year anniversary. Since Korean fans haven’t gotten the chance to see her since Girls On Top, we will work hard for a very meaningful album for BoA. We will shoot for the album to release on August 25th but depending on how preparations go, it may move around a bit.”

SM Entertainment also added, “BoA shows a lot of passion for her music so she might be a producer for this album as well. We will decide after a thoughtful discussion.”

Are you guys excited or what? She’s been gone for so long I forgot she was ever a Korean artist to begin with.

Credit :  Allkpop