For those of you that don’t know, CNBLUE dropping their very first full album ThankU on March 20 in Japan, and it looks like they’re gearing up already; a preview of Arigatou (Thank You), a solo original song by member Jonghyun, has surfaced the internet and it’s definitely making me excited for this album!

Arigatou was reportedly once performed live, but this will be the first studio version to be officially released.

ThankU will contain twelve tracks, including tracks from their previous mini-albums as well as some fresh ones for us listeners. Although this is a Japanese album, it’s unclear whether all tracks will be in Japanese, or if there will be some in English (or even Korean) as well.

This album will include the ten mini-album songs as well as Jonghyun’sArigatou and One Man Live for a total of twelve tracks. Please look forward to our first album.

Meanwhile, CNBLUE is also holding a sold-out live concert in Japan in March in Shibuya.

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