SM Entertainment has announced that they will stop providing music to Mnet due to the media giant’s breach of contract.

Official statement on SME’s website stated,

“SME has been discussing with Mnet Media regarding renewal of contract on music distribution as the contract term was about to end. However, we found out hat Mnet Media had breached the contract by providing contents created by SME on their websites without our consent over a lengthy period of time. This is a clear breach of contract which happened without any notification or explanation to SME.

SME has been providing contents to Mnet Media, but due to such circumstances, we believe that it is difficult to continue business relationship when trust is lost, so we have decided not to renew our contract.” noted on their website about the matter and said,

“We are trying our best for music distribution to continue through constant discussions.”

As of March 2nd, all SM-related material have been removed from Mnet’s database.

Mnet and SME have not been on good terms lately, and this will no doubt worsen their relationship. Stay tuned to allkpop as the case develops.

Credit :  Allkpop