Lately, a lot of talk has been circulating the web over We Got Married’s newest couple Seohyun(SNSD) and Jung Yonghwa (CNBlue). And in the midst of all this talk, their couple rings have seemed to have caught the attention of many.

So what’s the story behind their couple ring?

On a recent episode of MBC’s We Got Married Season 2, Jung Yonghwa suggested to Seohyun, “Before we start a full-fledged marriage, let’s start out as a couple.”

In response, Seohyun commented, “Since it hasn’t been long since we first met, I think it would be awkward if we started out as newlyweds. I’m glad that he suggested that.”

Seohyun suggested that they get engaged and they exchanged commitment letters.

To mark this momentous occasion between the two, they set out to mark their engagement with couple sleeping socks, couple cups, and the infamous couple rings worth 2,000 KRW. In addition, they promised to wear their couple rings to the next day’s broadcasting (music show) where they would perform with their own members.

On the following day’s music program filming, the couple sang each to their own song. During each of their performances, they each tried hard to show the camera and the audience their new couple ring. During SNSD’s Oh! performance, Seohyun had much difficulty in doing so until she was given a helping hand by Sooyoung. Jung Yonghwa also succeeded in showing his ring during CNBlue’s performance.

Credit :  Allkpop