We reported previously about Brown Eyed Girls memberNarsha uploading a surprising picture of herself as a creepy version of the classic Snow White.

We were then further teased by Jea and her selca photos from the same photoshoot that Narsha had been involved in.

And now the full set of photos have finally been released.

Each member takes upon the role of a classic fairy tale princess: Narsha as Snow White, Ga-In as Cinderella, Jea as Elisa and Miryo as Rapunzel.

Each member shows off a very new powerful, dark and sexy side of them as the charisma just overflows out of their very raunchy and chic fashion.

The girls take classic fictional princesses from our childhood and give them a whole new makeover with the “Dark Princess” concept. It’s hard to determine whether or not your whole adolescent life has been ruined because the girls look far too good.

The fashion of this photoshoot was very unique. The girls look devastatingly pale with smoky mascara and special black lipstick. This new transformation has got fans talking as they say “They’re charismatic and bold“, “They’re pretty like dolls” and “It’s such a wonderful and perfect photoshoot“.

This particular photoshoot and truthful interview can be seen on CJ Premium TV Magazine Hello TV later this month.