On March 10, KBS Music Bank’s PD Lee Jae Woo was asked to choose the most nerve-wracking incident that Music Bank has experienced in the past year. The memory that topped the list was none other than SHINee’s so-called blackout incident back in June, when leader Onew fainted onstage!

As you may recall, Onew was knocked out after a light fixture fell in the middle of SHINee’s performance. It’s been said that Onew’s ankle injury from an earlier performance combined with the screaming fans, chaos from the light fixture incident and the general stress of an overbooked schedule contributed to Onew fainting. ”At that time, the performers were all gathering for the ending of the show,” the PD recalled. “The light fixture was tilted and there were sparks. Onew received a shock and fainted.

Fortunately, he was immediately taken to the ER immediately and fully recovered. Although he didn’t suffer any major injuries, the event was still a big deal, especially for fans who were outraged with KBS’s failure to ensure a safe environment for its entertainers to perform.

I was really worried, but [the doctors] said there was nothing wrong with his health so it was a relief,” He joked, “From that moment, I hated Onew.”

“These days, the term ‘broadcasting accident’ has been overused lately,” the PD continued. “Singers make mistakes like forgetting their lyrics, and it gets called a broadcasting accident. Real ‘broadcasting accidents’ are ones that leave the production flustered and shocked.

Credit :  Allkpop