Having been welcomed warmly by thousand of fans on their last visit in late January, popular idol group SHINee will be descending on the shores of Singapore again this weekend where a similar situation will probably ensue.

SHINee will be making an appearance at the Singapore Entertainment Awards 2010, scheduled on March 13th at the Marina Bay floating platform. They will probably be picking up an award and do some performance.

The objective of the Singapore Entertainment Awards is to support the Chinese entertainment industry that popularises the use of the Chinese language. Apart from honouring the best talents in Singapore and Asia, it also helps to promote the local and regional Chinese entertainment scene. The award presentation cum concert will be telecast on Starhub Cable TV after the event at a later date.

Besides that, SHINee will also have an exclusive showcase on the afternoon of March 14th at IMM Level 3 Garden Plaza. For fans who already bought an album for their fan signing a few weeks ago, they would have to buy the album again on March 13th to get access to the showcase. Only 3,000 tickets are available for the showcase.

SHINee will return to Korea on the 15th, where they will work on their new album.

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