The photoshoot of a upcoming 4-member girlgroup SISTAR catches the attention of many.

Ahead of their debut in April, SISTAR makes their first appearance in a photoshoot in fashion magazine Ceci. They are another group after MBLAQ who made their first appearance through a photoshoot before their official debut.

Already the curiosity for the new group is strong before their official debut. And a preview given by music industry experts is ‘An upcoming capable 4-member girlgroup’.

A staff said, “In the photos, the SISTAR members does the concept of hiphop and street fashion. The photoshoot was done to show the charms of this newcomer group.”

It is known that the girl has finished recording for their debut single album, they will show their vocals and dance capabilities through their debut.

Their company StarShip Entertainment said, “SISTAR will be the style icons for young people in their teens and 20s with a new culture code with their unique music, choreography and fashion etc.”