Because all the members of DNA like Dong Bang Shin Ki so much when they are monitored the same image comes out. Truthfully mean comments hurt us but we don’t hate them. Since we’re rookies, it’s and honor to be compared to DBSK sunbaes.

We think criticism is essential. If we didn’t care then it would be unlawful. (Dae Guk Nam Ah)

The average age of 17.4, the 5 member rookie boy group Dae Guk Nam ah. Even though the 5 boys are young they’re hug hit. An emphasized harmonized debut single “Admiring Boy” and a concept that is similar to DBSK’s “Hug.” “Though we got criticized these criticisms make us want to work harder,” says leader Mika. Dreaming of being the second DBSK is the five members of Dae Guk Nam Ah Mika, Karam, HyunMin, Injun, and Jay. ‘Best influence in the music industry artist’, they were not the aspirations containing ‘False Fame’. The five boys, to the abilities of their ages used harmony, dance, and amazing skills to capture the attention of the fans. To make it long, 5 years, to make it short, 1 year and a half the 5 boys went through harsh practice and the hidden talent in their lives were revealed and prevailed.

The member’s past is also striking. For Jay, he was picked in SBS StarKing at the age of thirteen for his phenomenal popping. Also Mika is a relative of 2PM’s Junsu. Junsu, born in Daegu, is Mika’s father’s sister’s son.

“Junsu Hyung went to the same music school as me but I just knew him as one of my teacher’s students. But when I went to my grandmother’s 70th birthday and sang a song, a relative of mine said that ‘My son is a singer too,’ and talked about Junsu Hyung. And that’s how I found out that Junsu Hyung was my relative. Before debuting I looked for Junsu Hyung at the musical broadcasting studio and he told me ‘If while you do singing activities and have a hard time tell me, cheering me on.”(Mika)

Even though it’s been 3 weeks since Dae Guk Nam Ah’s official debut stage their stage is still a little unfamiliar. When also passing by the road, and the friends examine you, you can’t be happy.

“If high school student know about us we become a big fuss. If they ask for our signatures we will ask, “Do you know who we are?” If we go to a music program public broadcasting fans make big flashcards cheering us on and that gives us a lot of strength. Even though we still tremble and get nervous on stage, when we see the fans our hearts can relax.” (Karam)

The sunbae singers also cutely watched out for the ‘Music industry’s maknae’

“Outsider sunbae treats us extremely well. He also cheers us on. Later on if there is a need to do rap he said he will make lyrics for us. His words to ‘work hard’ have given us an immense amount of strength” (Jay)

Although I wish I could have made memories in my school life, the dream of becoming a singer has come true and day by day is happy Dae Guk Nam Ah. “Rookies of the Year,” the 5 boys’ eyes shone brightly throughout the interview.

“This year we will work hard and we hope that people will know ‘Dae Guk Nam Ah.’ Although ‘Admiring Boy’ a song for our age that is innocent and cute is doing well, from now on we will move on to various different concepts so please anticipate.” (InJun)

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  • credit: dianareizelle@KP
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