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Ahead of their upcoming Japanese album release on May 5th and promotions in Japan, the 4minute girls have released a teaser for the Japanese version of Muzik!

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The song sounds pretty awesome and the MV rocks as well. The boys are scheduled to appear and perform on May 17th’s Music Japan. They’re also scheduled to hold a concert tour in Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Sendai and Tokyo. After their summer tour in Japan, F.T. Island plans to return to Korea with a new album in September

Their new title track is called NU yeppioh (NU ABO) which might sound strange at first glance but as they explained, NU is pronounced as “new” while ABO is referring to blood types, which in a way indicates that f(x) will bring an emergence of new blood into the music industry.

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Release Date: 24/04/10
Genre: Hip-Hop
Language: English

01 – Cloud (Feat. Jay Park & Clara)

2PM’s Junho giving Jessica a chocolate?

This moment was arrested by one of the fans and uploda directly into the online bulletin who is not attracted by the romance of their idols of different gender.

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