With total CD sales in Japan to exceed 5 million copies, Korean quintet dance vocal group TVXQ who also appeared in NHK Kouhaku for two years in a row, on the 3rd as announced by their label in Japan, AVEX, TVXQ will have indefinite suspension of their group activities.

This issue is expected to happen due to the conflict caused by 3 members of the group against their Korea label, the 5 members after repetitive discussions with officials from both Japan and Korea, decided to have suspension. They will start to concentrate on solo activities.

According to the company, there is no exact time when will the suspension ends. As for now the fanclub is going to have some adjustments (related to member fee and such). However, the form of homepage will remain. It’s reported that fanclub homepage has been flooded with more than 1500 e-mails in only 2 hours after the suspension announcement. Most of the messages content is to support the group and hope that they will still survive.

According to sources, the decision of suspension came after the five members repeatedly had several meetings with officials from both countries, “They decided to go and walk towards direction of their new dreams.” the circumstances was revealed.

The last stage of the five members as a group was on TBS last year’s New Year Eve “CDTV SPECIAL! 2009 → 2010 Premier New Year Eve Live”. After that, they will continue to concentrate on solo activities, yet one official hinted, “If the path of 5 members meet again, there’s a chance that they will be back to perform as TVXQ in the future.”.

Credit : Sharingyoochun