Another pair of artists – actress gave birth to the couple.
Chan Whee Singer (38) and the Screen Actors yijeongheon (40), the first meeting in 2009 with six days after 1 year was confirmed as being a devotee. The two men are not yet a concrete plan is said to have married.

Chan Whee 1996 debut as a singer, singing the famous solo leisure chatter explosion. She had a chance to break up ” Tears’ ‘sensible choice’ has so many of the hits. Daqing Chan Whee last full-time university professor of applied music is nurtured imyongdwae Otolaryngology. Actors yijeongheon the film Public Enemy ‘,’ Silmido ‘,’ Seven Days ‘,’ There is no excuse so many of the film appeared as a supporting actor in the act introduced a charismatic actor.

Chan Whee – yijeongheon couples usually a singer – actress couple, male singers, female singer, a woman of these times wooin whereas male sex reversal dwaetdaneun singularity is to learn.

In the meantime, a myriad of celebrity male singer – actress gave birth to the couple. Male singer – actress recently married couples to include couples, including golinhan High tabeulrowa kang Stay current with our previous couple of donations each year heartwarming Sean – The Use of the couple, Kim Tae Wook – chaesira wife, Kim Jin Pyo – yunjuryeon couple, real, Spring Summer Fall Winter – Industrial policy and has a couple.

If you include the official lover of men couples are the better singer, actress. SG Wannabe’s Kim Yong Joon and hwangjeongeum couples, Brown Eyed Soul Han Hye-jin Na Ul and couples, couples, etc. Seven yeon and maintain long-term lovers have been.

Source : Newsen