Son Ye Jin, who has been receiving much love for her role inPersonal Taste, has sent a lovecall to 2AM’s Jo Kwon.

On the episode of MBC’s Section TV that was aired on the 16th, Son Ye Jin was asked which star she would like to have as a cameo for Personal Taste. To this she answered, “I would like it if 2AM’s Jo Kwon came out and played a slightly feminine role. Jo Kwon, Seulong is already participating in this drama so is there anyway you can come make an appearance?

When asked how she felt about living with a gay rommate, she happily answered, “Dda-bong (the best)! In the drama, by being in the position where I mistake Jinhoas gay, I am more attached to him and show affection that I couldn’t originally show.”

To this, Lee Minho jokingly replied, “I hate myself for slowly falling in love with someone like that!