Secret’s Sunhwa expressed that she wasn’t really fond of Son Ho Young’s six pack abs.

This girl is known for being completely honest so we know she is telling the truth. But seriously, what girl doesn’t like a six pack?

Sunhwa revealed on Mnet Radio on the 22nd that she used to be g.o.d Son Ho Young’s fan. But when he revealed his abs to people, she started to not like him.

Sunhwa said, “My first album was a g.o.d album. One day, I saw Son Ho Young reveal his abs on stage. I was young so I thought it was kind of disgusting and didn’t like him for awhile.”

The hilarious thing is that Son Ho Young was at this radio show. Son Ho Young did get a bit embarrassed but knew he had to laugh it off. Sunhwa went on to explain that she likes nice abs now.

Now, she’s thinking right.

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