On an Internet cafe website, a poster event with Wonder Girls was revealed. The netizen who put up this poster stated that it was an event that would be held at a local Korean mart.

In this poster, it states that you can receive a free Wonder Girls CD if you buy a bag of rice. Netizens who saw this poster expressed opinions such as, “Wonder Girls’ humiliation in America” and “Is this how little Wonder Girls are worth in America?”

On the other hand, others have retorted with opinions like, “It’s not easy to buy Korean artists’ CDs in America. This is probably why there was an event like this” and “I hope Wonder Girls will be successful soon.”

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls are preparing for an album to be released in May.

As a New Yorker, I actually received one of these event cards at the local K-mart my parents and I go to every week. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the details that you had to follow in order to receive one of these free CDs so I was not able to get one. I personally don’t see this as humiliating for Wonder Girls, but just another way to promote their presence in America.

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