Q : Who likes to act cool in front of fans?
(Everyone turned to look at Seungri)
Seungri : Should be me (laughs), in front of fans will become very excited.
TOP : It’s overly excited, sometimes even forgetting to sing his own lines (laughs).
Q : Who changes most in front of girls?
Seungri : It’s me (raising his own hands), I will become very manly.
TOP : In front of guys he doesn’t talk much but in front of girls he will become very polite and will also diligently look for conversation topics.
Seungri : My winning phrase is “please go out with me”!
G-Dragon : In Korea he keeps calling “noona noona!” (laughs)

Q : What do you feel when you saw beautiful girls in the magazines?
: Where are all these beautiful girls? Please introduce us.

Q : What is BIGBANG’s existence to you?
G-Dragon : It’s a family, not just work, there are many things that can be discussed together.
Taeyang : The members can share the most troubling problems together, in front of the members can be frank.

Q : Who is the most fashionable among the members?
All : TOP.
TOP : Each member has his own personality, the style that we like is also different. So it is difficult to determine who is it, but anyway, thanks.

Q : What do you anticipate the most when coming to Japan?
: Shopping.
Seungri : Lunchbox.
TOP : It should be clothes and accessories!
Taeyang : The first time we came to Japan, all of us bought T-Shirts and Levi’s shoes.
TOP : There are many designs which are not available in Korea, the style is also different. The fashion and the mood are constantly changing so every time when we come to Japan we will always buy something.
G-Dragon : This time I would like to go to a LOVELESS’s sister shop called GUILD PRIME.

Q : What are the recent Japanese words in mind?
: Idling (GORO GORO), idling at home.
Daesung : Shiny shiny (KIRA KIRA), this pronunciation is very interesting.
Seungri : Ramen, cha men, I am a handsome guy! (a Japanese cold joke with the same pronunciation) Another one is “Do you have the spirit?” (Japanese comedy artist Antonio Inoki’s imitation)

Q : Who is the one who doesn’t change even after ten years?
Taeyang : Should be Seungri?
TOP : Seungri has not changed a bit since I’ve known him, actually I do want him to change a little. (laughs)
G-Dragon : But there is no changes at all.

Q : Marriage wishes
TOP : G-Dragon always says he wishes to get married.
G-Dragon : If I met the ideal girl, I would wish to get married immediately. And build a world which belongs to only the two of us.

Q : What is the first Japanese word that you memorized?
TOP : How much is this?
Seungri : Where is the washroom?

Q : Which part of your appearance do you have the most self-confidence in?
: Tiger tooth!
Taeyang : Side view of my face.
G-Dragon : Taeyang’s should be the blood veins on his hand.
Taeyang : This as well (shows everyone his hand) Because of training, it has become obvious.
Daesung : My little finger. There is a legend in Korea that says if you paint your little finger in red during summer and are able to maintain it until the first snow, then your first love will come true.  Therefore you see, it’s still here.
TOP : My eyebrows.
G-Dragon : It’s long and thick.
TOP : Previously between the eyebrows and forehead there was a lot of hairs too. So all were being combed back.
Taeyang : TOP always jokes with a serious face, making others unable to tell which is real.
TOP : Is it (laughs)? But I do not lie.

Q : If you are not an artist, what would you be doing now?
Seungri : I want to be a fashion model.
G-Dragon : Daesung should be a student.
Daesung : In some kind of singer training school? I don’t think so. Or maybe a teacher there.
Taeyang : But there is military service in Korea…I will probably join the army.

Q : The one who conforms all opinions is?

All members consistently selected G-Dragon.
G-Dragon : Although BIGBANG members have not quarreled before, but as a leader, I feel that it’s my job to make decisionswhen something happens.
Daesung’s single [Cotton Candy] skyrocketed to the top of the chart

According to the Korean media, Big Bang member Daesung’s digital single [Cotton Candy],
since its online release has been climbing up the chart to the no. 1 spot, receiving much popularity.

After the release of Daesung’s [Cotton Candy], it has gained the no. 1 spot at Bugs online chart,
later on Mnet online chart, it gained the 4th, 5th position.

Daesung did a live performance of [Cotton Candy] for the first time at Big Bang’s “2010 Big Show” concert.
This song with its unique style has garnered much attention. Daesung’s vocal which is warm and sweet like
cotton candy has also added much brilliance to the song.

YG Entertainment expressed “In order to perform this song during the concert, Daesung is currently carrying
out training, hope everyone will anticipate for this performance.”

Besides this, another Big Bang member TOP will be carrying out his SOLO activities during the first half of
the year, releasing his own album.BIGBANG intends to turn “BIG SHOW” into a brand, just like every year
BIGBANG will be holding BIG SHOW in January. In future fans will be able to watch BIG SHOW with all
five members of BIGBANG on stage.

Translated: Miseremei @ bigbanghaven.blogspot.com

Credit : ibigbang