On April 22nd, tickets for the famous annual Dream Concertwent on sale. Traditionally, the seats are divided up according to fanclubs. For example, one fanclub will be assigned multiple seating sections while another may only receive one.

The popular artists usually get more seating for their large number of fans. As you can probably imagine, idol groups’ fanclubs take up most of the stadium. It is not the concert staff that determines the seating; the companies of the singers decide them and then release the news to the fans. However, this doesn’t mean the fans have to sit in their sections. This is just a recommendation that most fans do end up following.

Fans have responded to the seating already,
“Is this how popular my artist is?”
“I didn’t get a seat in my artist’s section.”

As you can see, there are already complaints from fans about the seating arrangements. SM Entertainment is facing more trouble though.

SNSD fans, SONES, got notified that they would be seated in the L, M, N and P sections. For Super Junior ELFs, there will be three times the amount of seating.

SNSD fans wrote, 
“I have no idea what they base off the seating arrangements from.”
“Please rearrange the seating according to popularity please.”
“If SNSD seats get sold out, we should take SuJu’s seats.”

Super Junior fans wrote,
“Our sections are not enough anyways.”
“Please buy your tickets accordingly to your section.”

Lee Hyori and Rain got the first sections and Wonder Girls got the second. Fans are also angry over this matter. Since all three artists have just returned to the K-pop scene, some fans believe more active groups should get the better seats.

Korea Entertainment Producers Association said, “We decided on the seating after taking in the requests from fanclubs and entertainment companies. That doesn’t mean certain fans are forced to sit in their artist’s section. We expect the fans to support this event for the 16th year in a row. We are always ready for the fights between the fans.”

One fanclub leader said, “Dream Concert is a huge event that has more meaning because of the fact that fans can come together. If we don’t have sections, the event could be a disaster.”

Credit : Allkpop