2PM’s Junho giving Jessica a chocolate?

This moment was arrested by one of the fans and uploda directly into the online bulletin who is not attracted by the romance of their idols of different gender.

This video not too long, this video was taken when moving Dream Team 2.
The first suspect to drop the largest in Kara’s Nichole and SHINee’s Key but it’s number two now.
Jessica very spontaneous when she receive the chocolate .. whether there may be something between the couple?

As expected, however, some fans have expressed their jealousy.

“I hope they are just friends.”
“I think Junho might like her…”
“Junho is just delivering the chocolate to Jessica on behalf of Jay.”

I’m probably reading too far into it, but since it’s my wish to see an idol couple soon, I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for this pairing. Maybe this is what Jessica was referring to when she sang about Chocolate Love.