Sina entertainment news, Beijing standard time on May 11th the morning news, according to South Korean media, the 2010 World Cup cheering song 《Victory Shout 》sang by South Korean idol group Big Bang and figure skater Kim Yuna was released on the 11th, attracting much atttention.

This song 《Victory Shout 》was originally included in the South Korea’s Red Devils official album. This time Big Bang and Kim Yuna sang the edited version, making it a more suitable version for the climactic scene. During the World Cup period Big Bang and Kim Yuna will use this song to cheer for the South Korean team.

It is reported that besides the song that was released on the 11th, Big Bang and Kim Yuna have also filmed a MV together for this song. Segments of the MV as well as the production footage will be revealed in stages. The full version will be revealed on the eve of the World Cup opening end of this month.

Credit : iBigBang