Although only a half hour yesterday released 11 PM, today, the latest MV Super Junior BONAMANA Miinah from the album already seen 169 450 people. That is just who watch SMent directly in his / her account, i do not know who to watch in your account ELF else And incredibly, BONAMANA also so Trending topic number two after Justin Bieber on twitter today.

Trending topics

  • Justin Bieber The young Canadian R&B/pop singer has a lot of fans who like to tweet about him!
  • Bonamana South Korean boy band Super Junior released the title song from their 4th album today (May 10).
  • Theresa May
  • Labour
  • David Cameron The leader of the UK’s Conservative party is currently (April 15) participating in the first of three live debates ahead of the General Election on 6 May, along with Gordon Brown (Labour) and Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats).
  • ………

for pre orders in a variety of sources, there are already more than 200,000 men who commanded this album, tablets, 133.685 copies in toko2 ato offline and online 198.485 copies. It should be noted, for the album “Sorry Sorry” aja they sold 250,000 copies. And BONAMANA successfully broke the record for Do not Don and Sorry, Sorry
Added, for their album, there are two types. Type A date will be released May 13 and will show nan classic masculine side of our members. Whereas the B version will be released date 20th that will be a natural side meunjukkan Super Junior.

Credit : AFC