Ahead of their debut, upcoming girlgroup SISTAR (Bora, HyoRin, DaSom, SoYoo)releases part of their album jacket cuts.

Debuting with a single album in June, the album jacket photos are released online recently. And in the photos, the girls show off each of their unique styles through the concept of the

photoshoot which is backstage concept. What is noticeable is their funky and retro makeup and fashion in the photoshoot.

Their company StarShip Entertainment said, “The girls’ debut album will have the Brave Brothers as the producer, and the genre of their music is new trend.”

and Sistar released the album that everyone has been waiting for on the 26th of June.

Meanwhile, Sistar’s debut song was created and written by the producers, BRAVE BROTHER, who also produced the songs, “Crazy” by Son Dambi, “Last Farewell,” by Big Bang,

“Because of You” by After School, and many other hit songs. The fact that BRAVE BROTHER created so many hit songs, it proves that Sistar’s new song will have a realistic sound and a

strong beat, creating a unique style.

Sistar will reveal their debut song on June 3rd and will begin to start promoting their album.

Credit : Newsen