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hahah .. maybe the people at this hour the lovers are waiting Taeyang’s album ‘Solar’ ..

But i don’t  think so. I don’t know if his album going to release today ..
But not anything I will gladly post it
There are 11 songs, but songs I may not be able to enter now. I can only provide the audio on youtube just fine.

but that’s just too new on youtube there are 9 tracks. hhe, mianheLet’s check it


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100 000 copies in its first week, the industry predict expatriate success would exceed the record of his predecessor Bonamana Sorry, Sorry last year sold 250 000 copies at the end of the year and their popularity seems even more brilliant in its fifth year after the group was formed in 2005 ago.

The old gentlemen had 13, and now arrives – should appear to arrive 10.

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Last week, 2AM’s Jo Kwon serenaded Brown Eyed Girlsmember Ga-In with a song titled The Day of Confessing My Love. The song became quite popular with many fans requesting a full song. With all that input and requests, they’ve decided to go ahead and make it an official song with Jo Kwon tweeting about it yesterday. After released his teaser now, the digital single has been released, check it out below.

Source : Allkpop

After all the tease with the previews released, singer Gan MiYeon reveals the full MV to her comeback song ‘Going Crazy’ featuring MBLAQ members Mir and Lee Joon.

Gan MiYeon first debuted as part of Baby V.O.X and this will be her comeback after 3 years. She is set for her comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown on 1st July.

Source : Sookyeong

Here’s the real deal, everyone! Check out some select tracks off of Taeyang’s album. If you thought the teasers were hot, just wait until you hear the whole thing! Be sure to support the artist by purchasing his album!

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Credit: delontobekky @ YT
Shared: minoko2440 @

This is a video, where Eunhyuk and Leeteuk was a radio announcer on Kiss Radio, and when it was listening to the song ‘No Other’ and they danced a little bit, whether it is a teaser Dance of the song ‘No Ohter’?

before Shindong shaved his mustache he looks scary, but what he looked like after shave his mustache? let’s look down to see the changes

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