A video featuring dancing Nichkhun 2PM to his ‘wife’ Victoria f (x). Nich Khun and f (x) Victoria was announced as the new couples on MBC We Got Married, and has revealed a video Nichkhun dancing ‘Abo Nu’.

The video was taken during the filming of Nich Khun KBS Dream Team on June 2. He was seen dancing with scenes of ‘dances touched the cheek’ of the song. Check out!

Comments netizens are,

* “Already he’s showing affection!”
* “Have they learned to dance together, how she can dance very well”
* “I think Nichkhun and Victoria will become the best partner” etc.

Meanwhile, the couple’s first shooting took place on June 1st. They also referred to as the ‘Foreigner couple’ when Victoria came from China and Nich Khun from Thailand.

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