Rumours are circulating on the internet about Taecyeon 2PM and SNSD’s Yoona. Through various variety shows and commercials, and both were often practically perfect match.

Even in the latest episode of the SBS variety show “Family Outing 2, Taecyeon said,” honestly I like Yoona, “and led to rumors about their relationship to emerge again.

On this, Taecyeon been encountered in a cafe in Kangnam, Seoul on the afternoon of December 3. Taecyeon states, “Before the debut, I want to have a scandal and will expire on the first page of the newspaper. But now time has passed, I realized that it was not really good .. ”

Taecyeon said that he knew about the scandalous rumors circulating on the internet. However, he said that it is a story that is not important and said that he did not care.

“I think a little interesting how the rumor is there. I wonder where they got it … Some are not really important but I’d be happy to read it. Of all girlgroup,. It is true that I was closest to SNSD but after the broadcast ended, I do not have the opportunity to meet with them frequently. ”

She further stated, “TV does not guarantee the relationship. My last relationship when I had a trainee but I now do not have a date with anyone since then ”

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