TOP successful with his career as an actor, says ‘I’ll marry when I was past the age of 40 years’

TOP baru2 was busy with various events with the actors Cha Seung Won, Kim Seung Woo and Kwon Sang Woo in the movie ’71: Into the Gunfire ‘, they also get interviews with Newsen. it becomes satu2 single men from the senior actor in this movie, TOP said that he learned a lot from his seniors, and say ‘all my senior was married. when filming, we always eat together and drink together kadang2, and at that time was very good. when filming this, many people commented how good I’ve changed into someone more mature. I was influenced by three seniors, they all have a happy family, and I’m glad to see they always get a phone call from home masing2. in the meantime I still easy, still growing, so I’m still confused and preoccupied, but I’ve seen that today pria2 and I think to be like them ‘

Kim Seung Woo also said ‘TOP never said he wanted to get married, I told him to do a joke’

hereby Kwon Sang Woo says ‘he told me he wanted to marry her after the age of more than 40 years’ give us a little cheat sheet on TOP of the wedding plans. Kwon Sang Woo also said that ‘because we’re married, we often talk about family and our anak2 masing2, but although TOP is the oldest member of the Big Bang, he is a cute maknae in our team’

cool movie to a four actors who will commemorate the 60th year of the Korean War will be released on June 16

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