Gain a sudden hug Jo Kwon and surprised him.

We Got Married on MBC that aired on June 5, Couples Jo Kwon and Ga In view of their vacation time into the episode HongKong.Saat Gain memluk Jo Jo Kwon and Kwon looks confused but looked pleased.

Then in the last episode. Jo Kwon tried to get back hugs from Gain Gain but this time even refused hugs Jo Kwon. Then Gain said, “I will reject it because I had things I’ve prepared”

In addition, Jo Kwon Gain also provides a package that he has made his own chocolate. Gain also offers to have a couple rings, but Jo Kwon even pretended not to hear.

Jo Kwon and then try to show my gratitude with meempelkan chocolate to her lips, trying to smell the chocolate but Jo Kwon ended up kissing her cheek gains.

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