Oooopsss … it seems many fans almost suffer a heart attack because of the photo and statement in the pic twitternya … Khun Khun wrote The Love of My Life, under Khun pic with a beautiful woman … but buru2 Khun adding ‘Dun panic … its my sisters’ hahahaha …. Khun must be horrified too if fans would go crazy because of this …

Fans finally commented:
“Cutteeeeee sibling love you guys look alike!”
“I Almost have a heart attack when i read” The love of my life “Your sister is so cute! :) ”
“OMG,, i thought you married Someone That!”
“So cute: D my brother would never pose like that for a picture with me haha”

I know this news is not new, but what’s wrong with me put it to my blog? hehe but sorry if been a long time :)

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