Idol group Super Junior becomes the number one topic in the twitter world trends.

This was announced June 6 that for the first week of June from May 29 until June 4 Super Junior became the first to “Weekly Top 10 trends twitter.”

This mebuktikan if Super Junior have been widely recognized and popular internationally. Super Junior “Bonamana” became a worldwide top Trending topics in the international community. Celebrate the return of the Super Junior fans and win well.

Super Junior has been recognized by both the International and they talked extensively on twitter not only in Asia but throughout the world.

Super Junior could be a top topic Trending Trending topics eternal beat Justin Bieber is also not something easily achieved. This is all thanks to the cooperation of all ELF. When the ELF in the world then it is time to sleep ELF in the western world to work and vice versa. ELF Daebak. This is our common victory.

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