After giving Yoona a perfume present for her Coming of Age day the last time round, it was revealed that Taecyeon had given another present to Yoona for her 21st birthday.

A Family Outing staff said on the 4th in a phone interview, “May 30th was Yoona’s birthday and all the family members who knew beforehand, prepared presents for her. But what caught the eye was Taecyeon’s present, who prepared a Y-initial necklace for Yoona. He had originally decided on shoes but switched to giving a necklace instead. We know Taecyeon is a very meticulous and friendly person, but we were still pretty shocked by his actions.”

It was also revealed that the other family members had teased him about this, saying that the Y initial referred to Yeon in Taecyeon instead of Yoona.

On the other hand, Ji Sang Ryul presented his negative bank account book while Shin Bong Sun offered her used clothes. The others also gave presents that reflected their personalties and made Yoona a very happy birthday girl.

This episode is scheduled to air on June 13th.

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