Go with a secret route in the coming June 6 Super Junior says ‘Sorry, Sorry’ for fans

Singapore fans expressed disappointment at the (Super Junior) “does not show his face” in Immigration, Super Junior Special secra sends them yesterday, and sincerely apologize to fans in Singapore.

Invited by Singtel and Samsung to release an exclusive global markets latest mobile phones for the two companies S Galaxy, Super Junior (SJ) will come to a concert closed. Finally coming to Singapore for the first time, fans waited eagerly but because of his fourth album promotion SJ ‘Bonamana’ in Korea, they will only be in Singapore for half a day because their schedules are tight, causing fans to feel disappointed. Because Kyuhyun was still in the hospital for ear surgery, there are only nine members (Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Sunming, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook) who can come, cause more disappointment for the fans.

Regardless of previous rumors that SJ will enter through a secret exit, but because they rarely idolaa first visit to the Lion City, the local fans SJ would not have missed a chance to meet their idol. Fans have gathered and are planning to pick them up at the airport tomorrow, hoping that their idol would be able to feel the passion and love. However, through facebook yesterday organizers have confirmed that SJ would not go through the usual way.

The broken-hearted fans protest

Fans only have the opportunity to see their idol gone, sadness, anxiety, protest!

Being away in Korea, after SJ came to know (this), through their representatives yesterday SM Entertainment, (they) specifically apologized to local fans. They said, “Because of limited time and tight schedule, (we) can not meet all the people at the airport, we feel sorry about that, too.”

Accompanied by 50 bodyguards

SJ nine members coming to Singapore, 40-50 guards were mobilized to guard (them).
As the largest as well as male idol group most current hot *, SJ presence will cause a commotion everywhere. In order to protect the safety of SJ, the committee is not going to ignore (their safety) this time, will deploy at least 40 guards to control the incident, in which 10 guards will escort personally.

SJ scheduled in a Singapore Airlines flight SQ603, arriving at 2:15, and returned to Seoul at 7 o’clock in the afternoon. Only stayed for half a day, even if (they) have big stars, but did not propose any requirements for special treatment.

Their request is just food and drinks, hoping that they can eat Korean cuisine.

Member states do not devote

SJ mengalahakn Wonder Girls, new single ‘Miinah (Bonamana)’ won K-Chart for three consecutive weeks. Sales efforts on four albums shine, but SJ expressed regret to parents, menyatakanbahwa they are children does not serve. SJ album ‘Bonamana’ has been crowned the first position on the charts for the category Hanteo Korea Daily, weekly and monthly basis, an extraordinary achievement. Behind the success, besides hard work and sweat, there is also regret not filial to their parents (they are).

Through this album, the members express love and respect for their parents, thanking them for (respect) their decision to choose a job as a star. Among them, the more blame himself (that he was the son) does not serve, Ryeowook said, “From your son is very difficult to see and harder to even just make one phone call to Mom and Dad … I really miss you … I’m the son of disobedient to my parents who thought this day before I sleep. I love you! (2). ”

Eunhyuk said, “Thanks to my mother and father who always had to bear their child is missing, I’m sorry that I can not pay you more. I will work hard to become a son of the plume. Also because I’m ashamed I never said that but I really love you ^ ^! (2). ”

Donghae-sensitive writing letters to his late father, “Father in heaven please take a look at myself and see how I overcome many trials, how can I smile, cry, happy, and sad … And when I see you again later, please say I really miss you . I love my son Donghae ^ ^ …. I LOVE S.Y.L (3) ”

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