we used to see fantastic pictures and a cool video of Korean celebrities when they were at a concert or event. you definitely want to know how the photo was taken when the distance where the audience and the celebrities are sitting far away.

look under to see the answer

We know , fans always use a modern camera, or along lens for take a picture because fans far from the seleb

But in Fan Sign’s MBLAQ they use other ways like this :

and Netizens comment like this :

  • “In…incredible!”
  • “Daebak, this got me cracking up big time”
  • “I wonder how the MBLAQ members in front would feel looking at this”
  • “Fans have good sense”
  • “SHINee noona fans uses HD cameras too”
  • “Wow….”
  • “Dae to the Bak”

Credit : Koreanindo ; Sokyeong