CNBlue recently held a fan signing event for the clothing brand they are endorsing NII in collaboration with Lotte Department Store.

Three days before the event, NII organized the event where customers who purchased NII clothes were given tickets for the fan signing. Due to CNBlue endorsing the brand, customers inquired for more tickets as they purchased NII clothes and NII was overwhelmed with the response and was not able to give out more tickets to their customers.

About at thousand fans gathered for the fan signing. Not only Koreans but fans from Japan, China and Taiwan gathered in front of Lotte Department store. CNBlue appeared bright and cheerful with their casual clothings, the fan signing lasted for over an hour.

Meanwhile, Representatives said, “There is more to look forward to for CNblue and NII” as they wrapped up the event.

source: my daily
credits: blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews

Credit : cnbluestrom