This is congratulation from C.N Blue to Trendy Magazine 1st Anniversary

Hi, we’re CNBLUE. (They actually says 6 Mandarin words which means “Hi, we are . . . “) ^_^

Congratulations to Trendy idol magazine’s first anniversary.

We’ll be on the cover . . .

(Yonghwa forgot his lines . . . )(Let’s do one more time . . . )

Hi, we’re CNBLUE.

Hi readers of Trendy idol magazine.

Congratulations to Trendy idol magazine’s first anniversary.

We CNBLUE are very happy that we’ll be on the cover in the coming issue.

We’re really very happy

and feel very honoured at the same time.

This makes us think we gotta work even harder.

CNBLUE’s second mini-album is out.

Please support Bluelove.

We’ll be very busy doing promotion activities for it.

Please anticipate those and support us.


Credits: trendy@facebook+cnbluesoul@youtube for video. klaritia@soompi for translations.


and this is C.N Blue photoshoot for Trendy Magazine’s Cover , do you like this ? :D

and this contents of Trendy Magazine , and have C.N Blue’s Picture too !

Credit Article ; Photos : cnbluestorm