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CNBLUE will hold their first concert in Korea in July, according to them their agents FNC on Wednesday.
FNC announced in a press release that the concert will be held in Hall AX Gwangjang-dong on July 31 for their concert entitled “Listen to the CNBLUE”
This concert will feature live performances of the member with the songs of Korea and Japan as well as other individual talents.
A representative from FNC explains, “The members CNBLUE committed to providing the best for their fans and diligently prepare for upcoming events.”

The members of CNBlue are currently participating in discussions for the planning of the concert. Despite their busy schedules, they are currently busy practicing and training until they reach perfection.

Tickets for the concert they will be available to fan club members, their first on December 18 and is open for purchase at the official site online reservation Interpark on June 28.

Credit : AFC ; cnbluestorm

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