Do not like it or so forth, because this news is not necessarily true!

Well, instead of rich disappointed Super Show SuJu 2 yesterday who said going to come to Indonesia but the evidence is not so because of their schedules.

Or disappointed the because U-Kiss KISSME void to Indonesia.

it’s like this. You see a lot of news already spread if Super Junior’s going to come to Indonesia for the Super Show 3. Though this news is still confusing is not known, before this post I immediately see all Tweet W Productions (W Productions the party who want to bring Super Junior) and they said, there has been no confirmation from the SM Entertainment! But still .. SME parties already give us a yellow light anyway, who held a sign they are interested in for the show in Indonesia although until now they have not konfrim for certainty.Who give us all know about the price for the basic and blah .. blah .. blah about the richness lie SS3 tickets! oke,, This print screen all Tweet from the W Productions! read all Tweet discharged under,, haio equally serious prayer let Super Junior really to Indonesia! okay ..

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