Super Junior Kangin / Kim Woon Yong will enter military service began July 5

Kangin will come through camp in Chungnam area Nonsan, after 5 weeks of training, he will begin his military service. Kangin actually going into the military in October, but because he wanted to be his date is accelerated, it is known that the current Kangin are preparing to rest

in September last year, Kangin incident involved a fight and hit his escape in October, with this album he did not participate in the fourth Super Junior, and he was the first member of Super Junior who will be conscripted.

Correspondents say Kangin will go quietly, and at that time, Super Junior will deliver him go, I see that many fans will come. Fans at the conference on May 23 last, Kangin apologize and bersuju before ELF ‘I will correct myself and do what’s best for the military, and came out with more adult Kangin’

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