Here is the translated interview from Donghae’s Interview for Maxim Contact Lens:
Q: Donghae, please greet you friends who are waiting for you here.
DH: Swas-dee-krab Phom-sheu-tong-hae (Hello, my name is Donghae.) Nice to meet you.

Q: How do you feel with being presenter of Maxim contact lens? (You are) also be the first presenter too.
DH: Thank you so much for choose me to be presenter of Maxim contact lens. I’m very happy and honorable. I also need everyone follow up this work too. (Smiled)

Q: Donghae, do you think you are charming? And which style of charming?
DH: There’s someone once told to me like my eyes is charming but in fact, I think it looks like sadly.

Q: If you choose someone in Super Junior, which member would you like to tell him to use Maxim contact lens? and which color?
DH: I (will) buy Maxim contact lens for everyone. Today is my first time to use contact lens which is Maxim’s brand and it’s suitable for me and the popular trend now in Korea is Maxim contact lens.

Q: Which color of contact lens do you think it’s suitable for Thai girls? Which color would you like to tell them to use?
DH: It’s sunlight color. (The host asked fanclubs who are around the stage like “Is there anyone here use this color” and fanclubs suddenly raise their hand.)

Q: Which color and style would you like to design the contact lens? If you are a person who are designer?
Donghae: I may design the style which is suitable for my style.

Q: How do you feel when you use Maxim contact lens? Are your eyes fine?
DH: I use orange contact lens. I feel I’m chic and more handsome. (Smile)

Q: Let’s talk about Super Junior’s work. What concept is this album about?
DH: For this album’s concept, it will show masculinity, manly and sexiness. Phom-sec-xi-mai? (Am I sexy?)

DH: I come here alone for this time but next time I promise I’ll come here with other members. Please be patient with Super Junior’s concert.

Q: You really have a lot of works. How can you take care yourself?
DH: I’ll do exercising and always go to fitness with my friend.

Q: Which trend in Korea is now popular?
DH: Maxim contact lens is now popular, isn’t it? (Laugh)

Q: Do you watch WORLD CUP?
DH: Yes, I do and of course I cheer South Korea team (Smile) Tomorrow there’s competition between South Korea and Nigeria. I’ll also wear the red shirt and cheer South Korea team too.

Q: Please leave message to the fanclub.
DH: Today I’ll play the game with fanclubs but unfortunately, I can’t do it with everyone. Well, let’s play the game together.

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Source: Koreasarang
Translated by Nont (sonethloveshizz) @