-Soft Smile Prince Onew-

Hallo? I Onew. My real name is Lee Jinki, born on December 14, 1989. My body is slightly higher than when the people saw me on TV. 177 cm tall. Now, I ChungOon school at the university, my blood group O. I took the vocal part in the team. Because I’m the oldest, 20 years (in Korean age = 21 years), I acted as a leader (leader) in the team. I’ve become trainees (trainees) in BC since high school, and a lot of nicknames among the members because the members have been together a long time as a trainee. For me, I have a nickname like ‘Dubu (know)’ or ‘Only (Korean: Only-da)’. To Dubu, I called like that because he had a white face and chubby. My ideal type of woman I like someone who has a sense of connection with me, last time, I think Go Hyun Jung’s beautiful, recently I’m obsessed with Scarlett Johannsen. I acted normal during the school day. But I was someone who liked to joke with my friends. I also love to sing. So, I used to always go to talent shows and singing. SHINee has two years as a singer in the year 2010, would be good if we can grow as a group that fits with the title ‘Sunbae’. There are many ‘hoobae’ aka junior group of nice things coming out such as MBLAQ, B2ST and others. I do not want overtaken! ** ^ ^

-BlingBling Guy Jonghyun-

Jonghyun Kim, That is my real name. Born April 8, 1990. I’m the second oldest on the team with the age of 19 years (in Korean age = 20 years). I’m interested in the language of China, singing, watching movies, and writing. Although I do not have a boyfriend, I like the pale-faced man with reddish lips. Yoo In Young sunbae look beautiful. In Hollywood, I like that as Olivia Hatsey, very feminine and weak (?). I was born as the youngest and had one brother and one sister, I really like dancing and singing since childhood. Now I go to school at the University DanGook. I have a few nicknames, such as, ‘Lizard’ which means to dance legend, ‘BlingBling’ because I like accessories that shine, and ‘Naughty Jonhyun’ (Korean: Ggap Jonhyun) ‘, which means that always naughty Jonghyun (Korean: Ggabul Ggabul). I joined the BC approximately three years ago, I studied vocals, dance, and although limited, one by one. In BC, they have a principle which is very serious, so I’ve become a trainee for a long time. When his team was decided, we come together and match colors and produce our music. Lately, I dreamed of going away for a holiday to New York or Hawaii, etc. because the members have had plenty of schedule. The home is the best place for me. If I have time off a week? I’ll eat soup and rice made by my mother and the rest.

-SHINee ‘s Almighty Key-

My real name is Kim Kibum. My name’s the same with Super Junior member Kim Kibum sunbae, during school I was often called ‘KEY’, taking ‘ki’ from Kibum. Born September 23, 1991, and my hometown is Daegu. Is 177 cm tall I like Onew hyung. My ideal type of female a little unique ~ I do not care what others might think, except that all important feeling in my eye (??) (Ie, what he saw was more important). In Hollywood, stars that I like Anna Sophia Rob. I also have lots of nicknames ~ ‘Almighty Key’, ‘Pinky’ and ‘Umma (aka mom)’ cause I care for the member. I can rap and talk the language of China, studying in Daegu YoungSinGo High School. I want to have a normal school life like my friends but because of schedule and activities, I can not follow the lessons properly. While singing “RingDingDong”, I’m obsessed with American designer, Mark Jacob’s clothes, and liked them. Although I’m worrying about the behavior of digesting the courage and strong, it becomes a radical and try to get interesting / more attention than others, do not you think that this is the style of SHINee is ‘dare more than expected.’ (I think they’ve complained people Another unique because it used clothes)

-Flaming Charisma Minho-

I ‘Flaming Charisma (Korean: BulKa, short of the Flaming Charisma)’ called Minho. I also have a nickname like ‘The tortoise (Korean: Ggobuk e)’ and ‘MinKap’ because I’m doing something slow like a turtle. Born on December 9, 1991, my father was a football coach, Choi Yun Gyeom. I studied at GunDae BuSok High School. Not easy to speak but I’m pretty good at listening to the language of China. I like my dad, so I’m good at both things, football and basketball. Basically I like a friend who had the same interests like me, to be more specific, I like calm and kind woman who looks good with dress and long hair. If I had to choose sunbae artist, I like Kim TaeHee sunbae-minimal which has an elegant style. I expect a boyfriend next year. Although I had a body high, 181 cm, I hope to grow two inches taller because it has not stopped growing up. Lately, a good movie that I see is a ‘District 9’ and ‘Vantage Point’. Both have different genres but I chose a new job with a different vision and radial. If I did not become a singer, I will put more interest in sports and being a football player or basketball player.

-Cutie Youngest Taemin-

The most I was young, Lee Taemin. I have more fans are older women. Born July 18, 1993, and studied at Seoul Chung Dam High School class 1. Before its debut, I’ve been popular for the ‘best dancers (Korean: chom Jjang)’ at Chung Dam Dong (think of his birthplace, his school may be yes if not). I’m only 170 cm so I always drink at least 1 liter of milk every day at practice. I drank 1000 ml of milk packs, sometimes members tease me by saying, “The maknae must go to her mother and get more milk.” I have a nickname for example, ‘The Youngest’ (Korean: Mak dong ee) ‘, ‘Taeminnie’, and ‘Powerful Taem (Korean: BarkReuk Taem)’ ~ Type my ideal woman is someone like Emma Watson or Song HaeGyo having a good image and look cute.

Additional info: [Woman + craving age difference]:

1. ♥Onew♥: Onew is actually not an issue so criterion woman of your dreams. As long as she was not only seen from outer aja. Because according Onew, every person or every woman has their own attractiveness and age differences were not a problem created Onew, provided Onew conveniently nearby.

2. ♥Jonghyun♥: like the statement above, Jonhyun liked the same woman whose skin is white, his lips thin and red. * Eunhyuk yah rada resemblance? I wish that the white-and-white *. And, usually Korean artist Yoo Inyoung dijadiin example. Time in the Hello Baby continues Lee’s so-called Minjung Shin Sekyung same. If differences in age, Jonghyun still considering. Difference 5-6 years older not a problem for him. :-)

3. ♥Key ♥: Apparently, Key is like the same type of woman who believes in himself. * Hayooo ~ ~! Create a crush on Key, his confidence should be high. Hehe *. And female age difference is five years older is never mind ..

4. ♥Minho♥: Minho if mah remain the same rigid criteria. Not far away, anyone who asked, he would answer senior “KIM TAEHEE” criterion woman of your dreams. Until the time in yunhanam episode 2 (part time eonni the same Jonghyun nge-date), fitted at the wait for a turn at one of the classroom, Key or Jonhyun not mention Kim Taehee. And the rich little direct Minho shock or alarm rich peek into one of the two of them mention the name of Kim who Taehee. Create Minho, age difference for older women is 8-13 years. * Wooowww ~~!!! so far*

5. ♥Taemin♥: Of course woman of your dreams Taemin tetep Emma Watson. Ehehe. And the answer Taemin for differences in age older woman Taemin is ideal for …. “Age is not a problem for me. I once read booked, there are young married grandmothers. Instead, they entered the Guinness Book … “. But, you’re not intend to marry grandmother entered the Guinness Book let you, soon?

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