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• Onew Family: Father, mother, Onew (children only)
• Jonghyun Family: Father, mother, older sister (two year older than him), Big Brother Boys, Jonghyun
• Key Family: Father, mother, grandmother, Key (only child)
• Minho Family: Father, mother, brother, Minho
• Taemin Family: Father, mother, brother, Taemin
Family background of the personnel SHINee
Onew’s Family Background

Onew family had a butcher shop in a market. In Korea, the price of meat quite expensive, so their families could ngumpulin enough money from selling the meat. In addition, with a store itself, it signifies the family if they are well known. Onew first study in the SM Academy and school fees of about 50 billion won per month. So, he may be categorized as middle-class families or upper class. And once in an event that unpacks SHINee’s bag, Onew found to have a notebook and  2 ipod the same. This shows if the family is located. SHINee fans who ever came into the his family’s shop and his song was played there. Apparently, Onew autodidact learning piano when he was listing to the high school, and he is also known as a good kid in school. Time travel to the beach, he brought the meat from the house which is roughly enough to eat 10 people and is divided into his friends. * Do not need all the way, for example, Hello Baby, episode 10, which give the meat also his family* Though that means the family will get an income less than usual. There are also rumors about his family to vote, for one thing that his family is highly respectable family and highly regarded, about his grandfather a famous pianist and his father working in the government that continues resign herself because her mother would make a similar effort.

Key’s Family Background

Key family very rich (he’s probably the most lies between the other SHINee members). Her father was working in the sector bonds (stock exchange, investing, banking, brokers). Key ever sent abroad for language study (probably English). then he was sent back to Korea for to overseas (United States) for a year. He also joined a student exchange to America for scuba diving, so the family must have been created fund leaving him and others. Key is also very similar near her grandmother. He lived with his grandmother. From his family’s financial status is high. So, worth if Key can also have a good sense of fashion and know a lot about the fashion world. He dressed well and know the usual fashion trend of people being persecuted.

Minho’s Family Background

Many people is already know this was his father former coach of Taejeon football team. Minho is also credible if his family is located. Salary of a football coach definitely big enough. Key and Minho they fashion also good sense. Unloading time at the show to pieces in the SHINee’s bag, Minho known if the bag does not show that family financial bad. There was Vaio laptop, PSP, and others. Minho also said he want to be basketball players.

Taemin’s and Jonghyun’s Family Background

Among all the SHINee members, just the same Taemin, Jonghyun who are not so known to her family background. There are also rumors that said that same Jonhyun, Taemin’ve ever known since they were so trainees, because their mothers artist. This was never confirmed and I think this is just a rumor. He said, the family is the most common (in financial terms) than the other member. Time so trainees, he does not have mp3 player and just a street while use headset that ends inserted into her pocket without anything connected to. When caught, replied with a simple Taemin if he just want to avoid that is not no girl who approached him and talked. There are also rumors that said that his father is a history teacher at a school. But it also did not know the truth. Personality her Taemin also shows if he was from a humble family.

Jonghyun if his family is believed to be well enough. He studied at a music school (before dropping out of school to focus on the debut), and school expenses like that quite expensive in Korea. So his family believed to be able to make it all pay the cost. In addition, Jonghyun can also play musical instruments (especially the bass). Also, during this, Jonghyun like never mentions his father. Create a message from the radio, he also always show the same to the mother of his girlfriend’s brother, who is usually the most near to him

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